Donewell Life Protection Plan

Donewell Life Protection Plan

This is a term assurance product that;

  1. Provides for the loss in family earnings on the death of the policyholder.
  2. It provides for lifestyle protection in the event of the policyholder contracting a critical illness or becoming disabled during the cover term.


This policy covers;

  1. Death
  2. Critical illness
  3. Total Permanent Disability
  4. Cash Back
  5. Maternity Complications (Optional)
  6. Female Related Illness (Optional)
  7. Hospitalization (Optional)


  1. Reside in Ghana
  2. Be between 19 and 55 years at your next birthday
  3. Be between 19 and 40 years at your next birthday for maternity complication benefit
  4. A valid scanned copy of your I.D (eg Voters, Driver’s License, Passport or SSNIT)
  5. Where applicable; include a scanned copy of your payslip and service I.D if you work with Police, Ministry of Defense or Ghana Ports and harbor Authority (GHPHA)
  6. A valid and funded bank account or Mobile Money Wallet

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